Eva Zangerle

Eva Zangerle

My scientific passion lies in developing tools that help users in navigating their way through vast amounts of data.
2019/10Presenting our paper on hit song prediction at ISMIR 2019. This year, I was also co-chair for tutorials at ISMIR 🙂
2019/09 I'm at ECIR, presenting and co-organizing the PAN workshop.
2019/08Presenting our work on Wikipedia article quality classification at OpenSym 2019 this month.
2019/06yay, got our papers accepted at ISMIR2019 and OpenSym 2019
2019/04updated list of publications
2019/04updated the list of reviews and pc memberships
2018/10happy to say that I'll be tutorials co-chair at next years ISMIR, together with Masataka Goto
2018/10yay, I was nominated for the best reviewer award at RecSys 2018
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