University of Innsbruck, Institute of Computer Science

summer term 2018Programming Methodologylecture
summer term 2018New Database Modelstutorial
winter term 2017/18Data Warehouse Systemstutorial
summer term 2017Programming Methodologylecture
winter term 2016/17Database Systemslecture
winter term 2016/17Data Warehouse Systemslecture and tutorial
summer term 2016New Database Modelstutorial
summer term 2016Programming Methodologylecture
winter term 2016Data Warehouse Systemstutorial
winter term 2016Databasestutorial
summer term 2015Programming Methodologylecture
winter term 2014/15Information Retrievallecture and tutorial
summer term 2014Programming Methodologylecture
winter term 2013/14Database Systemstutorial
winter term 2013/14New Database Modelslecture and tutorial
summer term 2013Data Warehouse Systemslecture and tutorial
summer term 2013Introduction to Scientific Workingtutorial
winter term 2012/13Information Retrievallecture and tutorial
winter term 2011/12Data Warehouse Systemstutorial
winter term 2010/11Einführung in die Informatiktutorial
winter term 2009/10Einführung in die Informatiktutorial
summer term 2009New Database Modelslecture
winter term 2008/09Einführung in die Informatiktutorial
summer term 2008New Database Modelstutorial
summer term 2008Bachelor Seminarseminar
winter term 2007/08Einführung in die Informatiktutorial

Supervision of various Bachelor and Master Thesis – you can find the supervised theses on the website of our research group.

University of Innsbruck, Interdisciplinery Lectures

winter term 2013/14Data Overload and Information Channelslecture series

 University of Applied Science Salzburg, MultiMediaTechnology Master Course

winter term 2013/14Semantic Web und Data Engineeringlecture
winter term 2015/16Semantic Web und Data Engineeringlecture
winter term 2016/17Advanced Database Systemslecture
winter term 2017/18Advanced Database Systemslecture

Other teaching activities

Hardware Tutorials for female students (Admina Project)Tutorial